Newborn & Maternity Photography

The birth of a newborn is a miracle and a special moment in every family’s life. Immortalizing this stage in photographs is important because babies grow so quickly. At this stage, the little one’s looks, strength, and ability will change every few days. To remember what your child was like at birth, you have to quickly capture their early moments.

Fresh 48 and newborn photography are a way to record the amazing moments your baby first entered the world. While some people want to photograph the labor and delivery, other parents want to wait until their newborn has a chance to be cleaned up and snuggled up in a warm swaddle. Fresh 48 photos can be taken anytime during the first 48 hours of life, so you can choose a moment that is convenient for you.

A newborn baby is a tiny miracle with impossibly small fingers and toes. Our picture packages will help you capture every detail you want to remember during these precious first days. More importantly, these pictures will capture all of the baby’s first moments with you and their family. You’ll be able to remember the first time your little one held a sibling’s hand or blinked adorably up at you. Our team will help you make your most wonderful memories last forever.


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